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Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014

Player App

Features  | Player App Pricing

The Media Platform Player App supports Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 and Android and shortly Xbox One. The Apptelic Player App uses a client’s HTML5 / JS website and embeds it together with our player into a single app. This allows video content providers, TV networks and streaming video companies to quickly release media apps for their streams across multiple platforms. The Player App contains an embedded ‘web view’ which displays the customer’s HTML5 web site, so it appears to the user just like a native app with its own icon/tile in the device’s apps list. The Player App can be customized for captions, ad insertion and analytics, and is fully skinnable to match the HTML5 site design. If changes to your HLS streams (on your existing HTML5 / JS website) are required in order for our player to detect and play, Apptelic will inform you of the necessary steps.   On delivery, clients receive multiple app packages ready for publishing to the relevant stores (Windows Marketplace and Google Play for Android).*

The user experience is seamless, with a partner-specific app icon which, when tapped, transparently launches the built-in browser to show the video site’s home page. When a video is chosen by the user the Media Platform Player plays the video in full-screen mode and then returns the user to the browser on ending playback. This is very similar to the built-in YouTube experience on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The first time a user visits your website from a Windows or Android enabled device and selects a video play they are prompted to install your app which will then be used to play the HLS Video.  Once installed the user doesn’t have to return to your web site to play additional videos streams; they can just open the app.


The shortly available cloud based dashboard will enable clients to:

      • change stream urls
      • build a shiny app package ready for store submission
      • upgrade from free version to paid versions
      • change billing info
      • change logos and UI (depending on version licensed)
      • configure caption settings (depending on version licensed)


*For additional cost we can also manage the publishing process on your behalf.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Apptelic Ltd

40 High Street, Floors 2 and 3
Lymington, SO41 9AF, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 238 097 2386
Fax:  +44 (0) 1590 230013
Email: sales@apptelic.com

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Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014




SDKs are available for the following platforms: Win 8, WinRT and Windows Phone and Silverlight

Javascript support is available for Windows 8. The remainder (incl Win 8) support C#.

Player App is available for: Win 8, Win RT and Windows Phone.


Silverlight is still being used today by major video content providers like Netflix.

Silverlight can be used for desktop applications and TV apps.



Apptelic’s SDK and Player Apps for Android support firmware versions 4.1+.

Since Android covers a vast number of smartphones and tablet devices, firmware can vary between manufacturers which means there can be compatibility issues.

Apptelic endeavours to support 90% of all Android devices. The Android SDK requires the Xamarin tools.



Apptelic has several years experience with the Xbox platform. We were part of the award-winning team working alongside Microsoft to deliver Hulu Plus for Xbox 360. Apptelic’s Xbox 360 SDK solutions have since been licensed by many other US network and content providers.

Apptelic is now building on its core technology to create streaming media solutions for the Xbox One.

Apptelic is a registered Microsoft Xbox partner delivering both apps and components to client companies.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Coming soon. Please contact us to make a purchase.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


As a Microsoft Vendor and Bizspark Graduate (alumnus) and an outsourced Nokia Developer we have worked with both companies on internal and external projects for their clients. Apptelic has developed and built a collection of Media Platform Player products and components, including SDKs, players and apps, all of which are available for licensing.

Just a few of our customers


We have a distributed staff network so are able to communicate with clients in most time zones.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Do the SDKs or Player App support Windows RT?
Yes, the Windows 8 version includes support for tablet devices


Can I get analytics for the Media Platform Player App?
Yes, if you order the Custom Player App we integrate analytics for you. If you choose the other versions we recommend you add Google Analytics to your website, as it is your website that is being embedded into the app along with the Apptelic Media Platform Player.


What about playing my videos ads in the Player App?
For the Custom version we integrate your ads: Double Click or Vast ads insertion.  For the other versions of the Apptelic Player; any banner ads displayed on your web site will be visible in the Media Platform App.


Can I get a percentage of the ad revenue in the Player App?
Apptelic is currently building an Ad Share version. If you like to be updated on this development please contact Apptelic.


What Android firmware does the Apptelic App or SDK support
Android is currently supporting 4.1+


Captions are exposed in the SDK, how are these displayed?
Your player will need to display the captions exposed by Apptelic’s SDK


Can you give details for the player component for the SDK?
The player for the Windows SDK are based on Microsoft Media Player Framework. The SDKs support C# and XML. Javacsript support is available only for Windows 8. The Android offering will require the Xamarin tools.


My HLS is out of Spec can you help?
Yes, we can help you adapt your streams or tweak our code to achieve compatibility. Apptelic only provides this for Custom Player Apps or Custom SDKs. Please contact Apptelic if you require custom features.


What is the deliverable for the SDKs?
The SDK is delivered as a set of dlls in Object Code form with Source code to a test app is to show the functionality of the SDK· 


What Windows Phone versions does the Player App and SDK support
Apptelic supports…


Do you have a SDK for Xbox One?
No, currently Xbox One does not support C#. This maybe available in the future.


Why is the Xbox 360 not available for the Media Platform Player App?
The Xbox 360 Platform does not support an embedded browser and it is unlikely that the Xbox One will support it either.


Do you offer refunds?
No, as is the nature with software, once released it is hard to take back. Please test your streams for compatibility issues in our demos and downloadable evaluation SDKs


Want captions does the App and SDK support?
Apptelic supports  2 types of captions:

          1. Basic Captions: instream (TMD / ID3) or out of band
            plain text
          2. Enhanced Captions:
            Both of which are FCC compliant


What happens if I do not renew my subscription?
Licenses for the SDKs and the custom Player Apps are perpetual but not renewing means you wont have access to bug fixes, revisions, updates or support. If the Ad Free Player App monthly fees are not paid the app will start to show ads.


Can the watermark be used as a click through to an ad?
Yes, the Ad Free and the Custom versions of the Player App allow for watermark to be edited. You could have the click through go to a specific page on your web site or to an advertisement.



Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Apptelic offers 2 levels of support:

  • General support: support [at] apptelic.com and
  • Premium support: for licensed versions (an email address would have been issued on purchase)

Please refer to our FAQ for general questions.

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 Player App SDK Other

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Downloads coming soon, please contact us for demo apps and SDKs for evaluation.

Please download the appropriate Media Platform Player Evaluation SDK. To license please select the license from Apptelic Shop You will be sent via email a license key which converts your evaluation copy into a retail version.

The demo version of the Media Platform Player App can not be upgraded live.  A new app package will be emailed to you upon successful purchase of a valid license.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Features  |  Shop


Platforms can be selected at checkout. SDK Licenses are based on annual subscriptions; subscription includes bug fixes, updates, revisions and email support. The License is perpetual so customers may still use the SDK if they do not renew their subscription on anniversary years but they wont be entitled to further bug fixes, updates, revisions or access to support.

Agencies performing app development for client companies require an agency license. The standard license is based on in-house development for self publishing apps to the relevant stores under their own name not those of third parties. The agency license permits unlimited app development for unlimited number of clients.

Neither licenses grant reseller rights or the right to integrate the Apptelic SDKs into developer tools and products. Please contact Apptelic about a technology licensing.


Platforms available:  Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone | Silverlight | Android | Xbox 360

[table id=2 /]

Integration support is included for the first 30 days, beyond that consulting rates apply at $1200 per day.


SDKs are delivered as a DLL (in Object Code form) which includes a test app enabling you to evaluate of the full functionality and features of the SDK.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014

Agency Work

Apptelic develops and creates under the following practices:


Apptelic can develop ustom SDKs and Media Player Apps. We can adapt any out of scope HLS stream and provide custom stream combinations: from multiple audio streams accompanying a single video stream to multiple audio only streams for radio apps.

Work for hire

As a Microsoft | Nokia and Android developer we can develop full apps. Although we specialise in media centric apps we can develop non media specific apps.


Apptelic is well versed in the app approval processes with publishing apps to the various marketplaces | stores.

Our engineers are specialised in: C#, C++, XAML, Xamarin, ASP.net,  .Net, Silverlight
For the following platforms: Windows 8. WinRT, Windows Phone, Android, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


Our NEWS is published:

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014

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Pricing for the Ad Free version includes all currently supported platforms (Windows Phone, Metro (+Win RT) and Android), on a per app basis with monthly subscription fees.  The deliverable is 3 releases of the same App for all 3 platforms.

Custom Player Apps are priced on a per app per platform basis with annual subscription fees, which can be elected each year.


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  • Watermarked
  • Branding
  • AES Encryption
  • Live Streaming
  • VoD
  • Captions
  • Support
  • Translatable
  • Adshare
  • Customer Ads
  • Integrated Analaytics
  • Custom Features

Ad Supported

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  • Annual
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Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014

Privacy Terms and Conditions

Apptelic Ltd (APPT) does not sell, license and/or market users’ information, including email addresses and associated data, to unrelated third parties. APPT makes all reasonable effort and precautions to keep personal information safe and routinely deletes data which is no longer needed.

The use of the APPT website and associated content is at your own risk. When using this website, information will be transmitted over a medium which, in many cases, is beyond the control and/or jurisdiction of APPT. Accordingly, APPT assumes no liability for or relating to any delay, failure, interruption, or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with the use of this website. APPT accepts no liability for any and all damages, whether foreseen and/or non-foreseen.

APPT uses cookies to track analytics data and determine internet traffic. This information is non personal, it relates to your computer’s identity not your personal identity. The information collected is anonymous. Through the use of cookies, APPT can determine which browsers are being used more frequently than others and what times of day are the busiest. This information enables APPT to configure its servers and services so that users’ experience is consistent, reliable and runs as efficiently as possible.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014


You will have arrived at this page, by clicking on our watermark in one of our demo Media Platform Player Apps or SDKs. If you are interested in licensing please refer to our other pages.

Company Number: 07721003 | VAT: GB 118 5094 16 | Apptelic Ltd 2014

Apptelic is a Premier Level partner in the Xbox LIVE Applications Developer Partner Program.

We have been providing since 2011 our media player component and associated integration services to content partners, specialising in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video and implementing and delivering smooth playback, automatic variable bitrate transitions and closed captions & subtitles, as well as supporting multiple analytics services and enabling monetisation through advertising integration.

We also develop Xbox LIVE media applications based on the Microsoft reference app architecture for Xbox 360, and we have worked closely with Microsoft and global media partners on several prominent Xbox LIVE applications.

Our broad experience on all Windows platforms, including the latest HTML5, CSS and WinJS technologies, makes us an ideal development partner choice for Xbox One and Xbox 360 media applications and Smart Glass companion apps. Our cloud services also provide cross-device playback pause/resume and shared playlist functionality.


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